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Online Exams

Briso’s Cutting edge AI Tools ensures the fairness and integrity of Online Examinations with pinpoint accuracy.

Live Proctoring

Candidate Authentication

We are on a misson to make Online Exams

Robust, Fair and Seamless by

Facial Detection

Briso’s Advanced AI Ensures Face recognition and detection with the highest accuracy for valid candidate authentication

Retina Tracking

Our Cutting edge tools also features Retina Tracking to allow proctors to track candidate’s eye activity and distractions.

Noise Detection

Proctors can now monitor a candidate’s sound environment to ensure the test is fair and not aided with third party sounds

Timeline of Alerts

Briso allows real time monitoring with a detailed timeline of alerts for any violations by a candidate during the exam.

Briso’s Online Exam Proctoring is


Briso’s allows robust authentication of candidates by ensuring secure parameters are met by the candidates.


Our tried and tested AI is reliable in detecting candidate’s face, audio and activity while their online exams.


Briso generates candidate’s report with pinpoint accuracy, providing proctors with insights instantly


Briso generates real-time alerts, provides classroom view, & helps proctors to interact with candidates all in one space.

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