The AI-Powered Proctoring Suite
Briso Exams, a remote proctored online examination solution blends AI-capabilities and live proctoring, to deliver the highest level of accuracy, security and scalability
Versatile.. Accurate..Powerful
You can use Briso’s cutting-edge AI for
Online Exams
Our Powerful AI Integration allows you to monitor each individual’s actions, facial expressions and alerts proctors for any violations.
It is essential for Online Certifications to be as fair and rid of any corner cutting by candidates to ensure its integrity and value.
Briso provides recruiters with efficient tools at their disposal to ensure the interview process is free of any potential malice.
Briso’s Cutting edge AI Technology provides proctors with an effective way to conduct and manage online trainings.
Why do we needSeperate Proctoring Software?
Revisit Exam-Time
For the first time, the Candidate's activities can be reviewed post the test hour which is not possible in traditional proctoring
Cost Cutting
Eliminates the need for a full-time human Proctor or physical infrastructure which leads to an overall reduction in Cost
With the help of facial recognition, suspicious behavior is logged as per the timestamp
Revolutionalize Education
Enables writing of the exam in a remote location while maintaining the integrity
A Featured Packed Suite with Powerful AI
Easy and Organised Proctoring with Briso
Id Verification
AI violation detection
Live proctoring with classNameroom view
Configurable test tolerance
One - to - one interaction
No More Waiting..We believe in the now at BrisoFor the first time, the Candidate's activities can be reviewed post the test hour which is not possible in traditional proctoring.
Let’s talk Statistics
Numbers present information swiftly and help us understand the on-ground situation from a bird’s eye view
2000Tests till date
2000Cities Served
2000Tests created
2000Language supports
Why us?Briso is
EconomicalOur aim is to provide an easy-to-use platform without digging a hole in the pocket
Easy IntegrationStreamlined within a single platform, the solution is simple to integrate with existing examination systems
SwiftExaminations can be implemented within 2 weeks based on predefined templates to be filled by the Institution.
RobustBriso is fit to reach thousands of concurrent students without affecting the performance

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Service : AI Proctoring Solution

Upto 500 exams per monthUpto 5000 exams per monthMore than 5000 exams per month
18 Rs/Exam15 Rs/Exam
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